makale çevirisi
Article Translation
October 25, 2018
tıbbi çeviri
Medical Translation
October 25, 2018
akademik çeviri

akademik çeviri

Academic translation publications, theses, research, articles such as a special style is transferred to writing.At the same time, there are many technical terms in these articles.Therefore, the person or the team that will translate should be specialized in their field.

As Al-Sel Translation Office, we have an experienced, academic career translators on the subject in order to reach the most accurate results in the translation processes we carry out for the studies conducted in the academic field and to maintain the quality of the publications.

We provide services all over the world with our experienced translators.In addition to English Turkish, Turkish English translations, you can contact us for hundreds of different languages such as Spanish English, Arabic French

As per the standards of international academic translation ISO 17100: 2015, we translate our translations.

Contact for your academic translation.

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