October 31, 2018
simultane çeviri
October 31, 2018

What is Consecutive Translation?

During consecutive interpreters, interpreters sit with the participants at the meeting table and do not use any technical equipment. The translator listens to the speaker’s words and then translates them to the target language and transfers them to the other party.

Consecutive interpretation is generally a method of referring the meeting if it is too short, technical, confidential or official.

Consecutive translation requires more attention than the written translation and requires full control of the language to be translated. There is no chance at the time of successive translation when there is a chance of translation and correction of written translation. A translation by an incomplete interpreter who has the ability to listen, speak and speak may cause the participants to misunderstand each other and cause unintended consequences. In this respect, it is necessary to investigate the knowledge of the consecutive interpreters to be worked together and whether they have sufficient authority in this regard.

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