telephone conference translation
Phone Conference Translation
October 25, 2018
makale çevirisi
Article Translation
October 25, 2018

Translation of the epicrisis report: When a patient applied to the hospital, the information opened for him and the treatment of the studies about his illness were the documents.If he wants to be treated in a different hospital with this document, the patient will transfer the previously received treatment to his new doctor.The epicrisis report should be translated into the language of the country where it is written in a different language.

As Al-Sel Translation Office, we provide services to individuals as well as many institutions and organizations in epicrisis translations.You can get information about the importance of translation of epicrisis report from this page of Turkish Legal Site.

Our interpreter staff, which can receive epicrisis report translation service in 120 languages, also consists of health workers.Contact us for epicrisis report translation. The other one is to see our translation services.

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