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October 31, 2018
October 31, 2018


Equivalence, received associate degree from a higher education institution recognized abroad, undergraduate and graduate diplomas of higher education institutions issued preliminary license in Turkey, and refers to the license is found to be equivalent to the master’s degree. Equivalency Certificate, diploma equivalence claimed that Turkey has recognized the document shows which areas and levels.

What is the Benefit of HEC Equivalence?

If you have a university diploma approved by the HEC, you will receive an official university graduate status. While you are doing your military service, you can be short-term captain or reserve officer. In addition, if you want to work as a public servant, your university diploma must be approved by YÖK. Otherwise, you will be classified as an associate degree by official authorities.

If the Council of Higher Education

You are not accepted for public duties that require you to be a university graduate and you do your military service for a long term. There will be nothing that changes in your life. It is of no importance if your diploma is approved by YÖK in the private sector.
If you are a civil servant in your future plans and does not involve public office, it will not be important for you to approve or not to approve the education you will receive abroad.

High School Diploma Equivalence
The Ministry of Education for the adoption of a high school diploma equivalency at Turkey’s Directorate of Education received in the UK offers two different alternatives.
Accordingly, you must successfully complete the subject at 3 A level, 1 GCSE level or 2 A level and 3 GCSE levels.

Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree Equivalence
In order to be able to give approval about the equivalence of a diploma obtained from abroad, it is required that the institution where the diploma is taken and the related program must be recognized by the Higher Education Council in accordance with the relevant law. Turkish nationals wishing to complement their higher education abroad and high school students in Turkey; Student Selection Examination (OSS) entered and base rule requirements to have secure points to be abolished by the end of 2006 together in the years to students in this category from universities in the UK in Turkey in case wherein they wish to transfer to a university exam requirement will be searched.

People who have SAT (minimum 1000 points), ACT (minimum 21 points), Abitur, French Baccalaureate, IGCSE-A level certificate, International Baccalaureat (IB) diplomas are not required to obtain a base score from the ÖSS exam for the equivalence of their diplomas or transfer transactions from abroad.

According to Article 7 of the new regulation announced by YOK in May 2007; ; As a result of the equivalence analysis conducted, the programs of the universities abroad are as follows; program unrelated to the curriculum and the Republic of Turkey Constitution of the basic principles of the 2457 numbered Higher Education Law Articles 4 and 5 in case there are lessons contrary to the purposes and principles, there is no equivalence to the diplomas taken. “

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